Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spring Rolls

I had my first go at making spring rolls in class the other day, and may I say, it was one of the best things I've gotten to make! I am not a fan of the traditional spring roll. Often times, I find the peanut sauce to be bland and oily. I dislike the rice paper with the vermicelli (rice) noodles and I always think there is too much cilantro. We were able to take the idea of the spring roll and put our own twist on it.

I chose to make an italian spring roll with a tangy & creamy dipping sauce. The marinated mushrooms were flavorful, the mix of fresh herbs were balanced instead of one taking over another, and the whole wheat linguine was a nice contrast to the rice paper. I would love to make these on the regular, and I think this is probably the beginning of a love affair with anything-but-traditional spring rolls.

Recipe to follow....

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